About Us

The Academic Technology team supports the innovative and effective use of technology to enhance teaching, learning, and scholarship. The team offers workshops, webinars, and one-on-one instructional design consulting to help faculty leverage technology to maximize student learning, and helps manage a grants program to support the integration of technology and pedagogy. Academic Technology manages all academic software, including the College’s learning management system Moodle, lecture capture, and specialized applications used for instruction; as well as maintains technology systems in all campus learning spaces, including classrooms, computer labs, and the library.

Our team

Krissy Lukens

Director of Academic Technology

As the Director of Academic Technology, Krissy provides leadership of the instructional technology initiatives at St. Norbert College. She loves building relationships with her team, faculty, staff and students that lean on everyone’s strengths and innovative ideas. Prior to her role in ITS, she served as an Instructional Technology Specialist for the St. Norbert Teacher Education discipline. She brings over 25 years of experience in Instructional Technology working in both higher ed and K-12, motivating teachers to transform their teaching with technology.  She holds a BA from St. Norbert College in math/computer science with secondary education certification, and an MA from Viterbo University in education. She received her Certificate in Spatial Literacy from the University of Redlands, participated in T3: Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS at ESRI and was part of the Geo Teachers Institute at Google. Her interest in geotechnologies stems from her love of maps – a perfect combination of math, technology, geography and art. One of her favorite things is squeezing in some geocaching while camping with her family!

Susan Ashley

Instructional Designer

Susan Ashley, with her passion for teaching, learning, and relationship building, earned her B.S. degree in Human Development and a professional teaching degree with both math and science teaching minors. Once technology integration increased in the education field, along with its relevance to experiential and enhanced learning, Susan went on to obtain her M.Ed. in Learning and Technology. After spending many years teaching in both public and private schools, Susan began her role at St. Norbert College in 2009 as an English language instructor. During this time, she piloted both hybrid classes and MOOCs for English language learners. In her present role as Instructional Designer in Academic Technology, Susan collaborates with faculty and staff with course design, assignments, assessments, and techniques for student engagement to elevate learning. She also promotes the use of VR and other technology tools to support active student learning in and outside the classroom. Her family has gotten used to her geeking out over this stuff. In one on one meetings, classroom visits, workshops, and conference presentations, Susan loves to share her excitement with others.

Nick Plank

Learning Technologies Specialist

As a Learning Technologies Specialist, Nick helps faculty and students find and use technology solutions to facilitate the learning environment at St. Norbert.  When he graduated from St. Norbert in 2014 (BA English), Nick worked as an IT professional at a large printing company in the Milwaukee area for 6 years.  Nick thinks it’s interesting how different organizations can leverage similar technologies to meet similar goals.  St. Norbert and a massive printing company couldn’t be much more different, but the technology that drives both organizations has so many similarities.  Working with people who have countless years more experience than him, he was able to learn from them and build upon the foundation they built.  Nick can’t wait to learn from his colleagues at St. Norbert, and build on the sturdy foundation that exists here.   Outside of work, you might find Nick at a disc golf course in Oconto Falls High School, or one of the many wonderful courses in Green Bay.  Nick sings in the Dudley Birder Chorale at St. Norbert, and plays trombone with jazz and blues groups. Since moving into his house and building a deck, Nick finds it difficult to not want to cook on his 22” Weber every night for dinner.

Scott Ryan

av Systems Coordinator

Scott brings to St Norbert College a versatile background with twenty years of hands-on experience and growth within the audio visual industry. Having designed and built theater, VR, untethered teaching classrooms, and a computer science lab without computers on the St. Norbert campus, Scott is quite capable of developing new and innovative ways to tackle problems.  His focus is on the use of educational technology to improve the overall quality of faculty, staff, student , and work life.

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