A Bring-Your-Own-Device lab allows students to use their own computers while also having the ability to connect to larger monitors.


External monitors

External monitors at the tables allow students to either see their displays larger, or see the professor's presentation closer.

Portable Whiteboards

Portable whiteboards allow students to work through problems while still being next to their display.

IDEA Board

The board in which the projector projects its image is writable

Projection Modes


When instructors are done presenting or want students to do individual work, they press a button to shift the room into collaboration mode. In this mode, students work together or on their own by connecting their laptops to workstation displays, while the instructor’s display is still visible on the main projector screen. As instructors walk around the room, they can help students individually or, if they see many students needing direction, they can quickly switch back to presentation mode.


In presentation mode, the instructor’s device is displayed on all monitors in the room. The press of a button turns on all system equipment and switches all monitors to the same input. As soon as the instructor connects his or her own device – either through a wired connection like HDMI or wirelessly through Apple TV – everything is automated. In this mode, any image on the instructor’s device shows up on the main projection screen as well as the displays at student workstations. In place of a standard projection screen, a dual-surface board allows instructors and students to mark up whatever is displayed.