Domains Camp

JANUARY 10th - 11th

We invite you to partake in our first ever 2 day Domains Camp, open for any faculty, staff, or student wanting to learn about website creation. Roll up your sleeves and lace your hiking boots for this hands-on experience for any skill level. Separated in modules, we will be exploring all things domains and digital ownership while going on an imaginary hike. Some stops on the trek include digital identity, the basics of WordPress, and teaching with domains. Spots are limited, so don’t lose your opportunity to be a happy camper and build up your digital skills through a domain.

Teaching with Technology

SEPT 5 - 16, 2022
OCT 3 - 14, 2022
NOV 7 - 18, 2022

Whether this is your first year teaching, or you’ve taught for many years, this course may be for you. Teaching with Technology will be highlighting ways to refresh and realign courses using pedagogical strategies and technology tools that can be applied to face to face, online, or hybrid courses.

This two-week, online session is designed to unpack some of the strategies and techniques for teaching and learning and reflect on doing a small or large course redesign as a result. This course has both asynchronous and optional synchronous components. Faculty and instructors will explore methods to assist in developing course learning objectives, creating relevant learning activities, and designing authentic assessments, while fostering inclusion, equity, and global citizenship.

Participants will experiment with various kinds of technology and experience some of the activities and assessments that could be incorporated into a course redesign. They will have the opportunity to develop practical skills using digital tools such as Padlet and for digital annotation and collaboration, google forms and quizzes for assessment, and forums, podcasts, and domains for discussion and reflection. Moodle resources, polling, virtual labs, and open educational resources (OER) will also be examined. These strategies and tools can be integrated into courses right away. 

What people say

Realizing I can do so much for and with the students to better engage their interest, imagination and participation
The grounding in Bloom's taxonomy and backward design, followed by more techniques for how to use technology

Important Aspects and Biggest Takeaways

collaborative support and encouragement

All of the teaching technique videos for engaging students
exceptionally clear explanations, well-curated reading list

June 1st - July 2nd

#DigPINS offers a connected learning experience to explore digital pedagogy, identity, networks and scholarship in an online community. We recommend this experience to any faculty or staff who want to explore online learning communities and how this can lead to unique learning opportunities for students. #DigPINS is designed to welcome anyone that has an interest in teaching and learning, whether you consider yourself comfortable teaching in online spaces or if you are just getting started. 

SNC Participants

What people say

Participating in #DigPINS has made this transition to distance learning not nearly as jarring as others may have experienced...Teaching a lab based course though did present a challenge – how do you provide practical hands on experiences that students need for careers in the sciences?
When I joined the summer 2019 DigPINS cohort I had a morsel of an idea to create a hybrid online/in person course to offer during May term. As a result of careful contemplation of the readings and fellow DigPIN-er blog posts, I emerged with a fresh perspective on digital identity and digital learning experiences that changed the trajectory of my plan.
This past January I had the opportunity to participate in #DigPINS with a cohort of colleague both within and outside of SNC. Between the readings, conversations on Slack, video calls, and blogs, this experience pushed me to get outside of my comfort zone and has changed the way I interact with my students both inside and outside of the classroom significantly.




Online Teaching Strategies Course

Online Teaching Strategies is a course designed to support instructors as they elevate learning in face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. The first part contains self-paced, competency-based modules that are developed to facilitate a deeper understanding of the backward design process and effective practices in course design. This section will also demonstrate effective use of tools available in Moodle and online.

The second part of this course is a two-week, asynchronous session that models technology tool utilization with effective teaching strategies for teaching in various delivery modalities. This section focuses on building community and student engagement. It also explores feedback, assignments, and assessment possibilities to reach course objectives. Collaborative teaching and learning is a significant outcome of this course.

SNC Participants

What people say

Her seminar was informative, interactive, and quite thorough. I especially appreciated her focus, not only on technology, but also pedagogy and course construction. I've taken a couple of these workshops in the past and I can say without reservation, that this was the best. I look forward to revisiting the resources she provided often!
I took a LOT away from that experience (most notably, a significant reconsideration of my classroom pedagogy, learned back in the 80's) and thoughts of flipping, backwards design and scaffolding are almost a daily consideration for me.
It was fun to be a student and I liked getting to know some of my colleagues better. Good community building exercise. You might want to reach out to the divisional deans and suggest that they advertise the next iteration of this for new faculty as they come in.

April Beiswenger

jim neilson


Transformative Teaching and Technology (T3)

T3 + BlendLAC is a joint forum hosted by Bryn Mawr College and St. Norbert College for scholars and academics to present and share their practices, methods, experiences and findings related to blended learning and the transformative uses of technology. This year St. Norbert has partnered with Bryn Mawr to host a forum for scholars and academics to present and share their practices, methods, experiences and findings related to blended learning and the transformative uses of technology.

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