Tech Tips for Teaching October 2020

The following learning opportunities were recently available as part of our Tech Tips for Teaching workshops. These sessions were intended to further equip you as you think through available options to strategize new modes of delivery and/or add activities to your courses. If you were unable to attend, or would like to review these sessions, please take a look at the resources below.

Poll Everywhere

Different than the Zoom polling feature for meetings which allows you to create single choice or multiple choice polling questions that can be launched during your meeting, Poll Everywhere can be used in both virtual and face to face classroom and meetings. This session discussed the benefits of polling and demonstrated the tool Poll Everywhere and how it can be used to increase student presence and engagement.

Poll Everywhere Slide Deck

Google Assignments

Google Assignments is a tool that allows you to utilize Google Docs’ and Google Drive’s unique commenting and feedback features right inside of Moodle. This workshop discussed what makes Google Assignments different than the Moodle Assignment tool and what kinds of unique assignments and projects this tool can help enable in your class! Before viewing this session, we recommend you watch the recording from our Moodle Assignment tool workshop if you are not already familiar with the Moodle Assignment tool.

Document Camera Show-and-Tell

This session demonstrated how others are using document cameras in their classroom! If you haven’t gotten started using the document camera yet, check out the Document Camera section on our resources page.


Looking for ways to increase active learning and motivate students to increase responsibility for their learning? If you want to see what this could look like, view this example from Adam Brandt’s class. When using the “game” Jeopardy for concept introduction or review, not only do you add variety but you increase opportunities for teamwork and engagement.

Jeopardy Slide Deck

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